Monday, July 5, 2010

Mid-Year Update

Well well well, let's see how things have gone so far. As you, my faithful followers, know I set up some resolutions for 2010 and now that half of the year has gone past I think we should do a little progress report.
Here's a recap of the resolutions with updates:

1) Actually move to Puerto Vallarta - This blog is being from Puerto Vallarta (I arrived on July 4th) and my most important belongings are with me (i.e. My Buffy DVDs and my books). So just a couple more things to take care of and I will be living here, hopefully for a while :)
2) Spend more time with my family - Definitely think that I took care of this one. I spent most of first months of 2010 with my grandmother. She has great stories to tell and is full of knowledge. Since I wasn't working I also got to be with my other family members and now that I'm in Mexico I get to spend time with the rest.
3) Become a dual citizen - Set the process in motion this morning, I will keep you updated.
4) Finish the first draft of my book - I'm taking a class this summer where we are writing the beginning of our story, which is harder than I thought. So at least the beginning is getting under way.
5) Lose 20 pounds - Amazingly this is working with very little effort on my part. Me thinks that the body just decides to change all on its own and I have no say whatsoever. So far I believe I've lost about 7 pounds.
6) Travel - One week, three major American cities. I know I can do better, but this was a really good start.

As for that other thing, the one that is not a resolution, the one I'm leaving in the hands of Fate.... I tried to play a little tug of war right at the end. I stumbled. But you find your footing, take a deep breath, and keep going.

We'll see what's in store for the next half.


May 12th

It was never my intention to go all the way to Seattle. I was supposed to get to Portland and then head straight home. But...someone told me Seattle was just a couple of hours away and why wouldn't I go? Two hours is nothing. So I got up early and drove and I don't regret it at all.
Seattle is beautiful, Seattle is clean, Seattle was sunny the day I was there (thank you God). I got there early and made my way to the one place I knew I had to see: The Space Needle. I parked my car a couple of blocks away (I only paid for four hours when I should have paid the whole day) and walked over, bought a ticket, and got in. As you go up there is a person telling you these little facts like: The Space Needle...I don't remember the rest because we were going very high quite fast and the guy next to me was really freaked. He kept telling his friend "this is a bad idea, man" and I was secretly agreeing with him. I hate heights.

But once you're up there you can't but be in awe. It's a 360 degree view and you can zoom in on places all over the city. My most exciting moment was when I found my car (I know). I caught some amazing pics and there is this machine that tells you about neighborhoods around town and fun places to visit.
After I descended (with my eyes closed), I took this train into downtown because I was told I should visit the farmers market. It took less than ten minutes and totally worth it. I saw the most amazing seafood I've ever seen, I wanted all those jumbo shrimp (not an oxymoron in Seattle), and crabs, and everything. I decided that this was the place to eat :)
I bought a cup of clam chowder (the best in the city) and holy crap it tasted like butta (that's "butter" with a Jersey accent). I mean this really was the most amazing clam chowder I've ever had in my life. I'm willing to drive back just for that (fat kid has her priorities). Wowzers.
Since I still had some time at the parking place and since the train took me back there, I went into the Rock 'n' Roll museum. The place is nice and you walk through the history of rock and roll, a bit small. The fun parts are making your own video, playing in front of an audience, and recording a demo. All things that make you feel like a rock star. I spent some time in a booth jamming (yes, jamming) on the drums (that's my new instrument btw). You can really let off some steam on those puppies.
Since I vaguely remembered what neighborhoods the machine had told me to visit, I went to the one I was sure I wouldn't get lost heading towards. It has a museum and an old water tower. From here you can see the whole city and everyone was out and about enjoying the sunshine. The houses around this area are friggin mansions, just gorgeous places to be around. I walked a little and took some pics. Saw a guy sitting on the grass naked as the day he came into the world just chillin out. He wasn't in the area where people could see him, and those of us that did just let him be. Maybe he was trying to get a tan, I don't know.
So after that I drove back to the freeway that would take me home but not before catching a glimpse at Seattle's Chinatown (not very impressive but the boba was awesome).
Until the next time. I love you Seattle!