Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Three Decades

After today, I will have completed three decades of life on this tiny planet. A small blip in Earth's history, to be sure. What's 30 years compared to billions? Hell, what's 30 years compared to people who have lived twice that long? Three times?

Perhaps nothing. But for the person who's lived it, it means something considerable. It means, first of all, that I've managed to stay in one piece, mentally and physically.

Sidenote: In my family we believe that we are meant to live only the time God has granted us. So I just have to stay sane.

It also means that my accomplishments mean something. I haven't discovered a cure for the C word, or any other disease; I'm not a great athlete; in fact I have no above-average talent to speak of; but our lives are not without meaning.

From what I can gather, I was an "oops" baby. It's okay, if we took a survey, most of us are "oops" babies. At least I wasn't a "holy shit, what are we going to do?" baby. My parents were young but with solid heads on their shoulders. I have to say, it honestly takes a lot of courage to accept that your life is about to change forever and face it head on. I mean, if I found out I was pregnant tomorrow (nine years older than my mom was when I came along) I wouldn't necessarily shit my pants...but I'd probably shart a little.

Did I mention I was the ugliest baby born that year? Yeah, they still kept me. Good people my parents. That, or the nurses caught them sneaking out of the hospital and stopped them.

I grew up privileged. Not rich, privileged. I was spoiled rotten by my large extended family. It helps when you're born at the beginning of your generation. I've lived in large houses. I've seen Christmas trees that are so big they bend at the ceiling. We used to have massive Easter egg hunts on my aunt's property. I used to point at something and it somehow found its way into my hands (not like magic, but, yes, just like magic). We'd eat out all the time, good restaurants too.
Humbleness is a necessary lesson, don't you think?

We moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when I was in third grade. Imagine going from a being a stellar public school student, to being the new kid in a Catholic school who can't read or write the language.

Sidenote numero 2: My parents spoke only Spanish to us in our home. So, although Spanish was my first language, English was a very close second thanks to my cousins, school, and television (Sesame Street).

I struggled, as anyone would. But I pulled through.

After that we moved almost every year. WAIT, before you start playing the tiny violin I want you to know that I loved it. You see, I never had friends. So moving every year was a welcome relief :-)

I've lived in Mexico, California, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, and now Arizona. I've driven across this country several times.

Because I was looking for my real mom ;-(

hahahaha no I wasn't. 9 out of 10 times my mom was with me. I get my gypsy nature from her. I got my nose from my dad.

Did I skip the part where I graduated with honors in high school and college? Oh yes, humbleness.

But, for the record, I did ;-)

College was the best time of my life. I got to live in school! I worked in the library! I was vice-president of the business club!

**crickets chirping**

Okay, okay, I got very very drunk once and threw up in front of everybody.

Yes, once. Get over it. I didn't rack up thousands of dollars in student loan debt so I could drink away four years of my life. I'll have nothing to look forward to when I have my mid-life crisis.

Today I work in a windowless office and I'm a moderate drinker. I own my own house (once I pay it off) and I have good credit. I'm back in college to take classes for the career that I truly want, not the one that just makes sense.

I do believe that at 30 I have accomplished the American Dream.

All kidding aside, I'm proud of everything I've experienced. Traveling, learning, meeting new people, getting stuck in small towns, touring big cities, laughing, crying, loving, and losing.

I have lived a fantastic 30 years so far. The kind of life that makes me feel like I got hit with a lucky stick, but that I also know took a lot of patience and hard work.

Hear's to 30 more years, God willing.