Monday, February 28, 2011

Press 'Pause'

This week felt like I was being chased by ten guards and I was running and jumping across rooftops. I am now standing on the edge. There are three possible outcomes: 1) I will jump and break my neck; 2) I will jump, land safely, and keep going; or 3) the guards will get me.
Yes, I've been playing Assassin's Creed II. But still, that's how this week felt.
First up is work. I'm not going to complain about work because, quite frankly, I have nothing to complain about (slightly true story). I'm also not stupid.
Moving on.
School. I just realized that I'm taking three classes this semester. Why did I just realize this? Because one was a late start and the other is my Portfolio class so I only see my professor once a month. And yet, it is still a full-time gig. I'm continuing to write the first draft (first of many, according to my professor) of my novel. Now I have "Intro to Non-fiction" where I must, at the very least, write in my journal three times a week (blogging doesn't count); read from our textbook; and keep up with group discussions. Plus the, you know, writing pieces.
There is a big part of me that is loving this adrenaline. It's like being back in college. Okay, it is actually being back in college but you guys know what I mean. Living on my own, eating unhealthy food, staying up really late and crammed with schoolwork. Ah memories!
Did I mention that I'm also organizing my mom's 50th birthday party? For May? AND IT'S MARCH!
I still have six boxes of books to put away, so that means that when I have a free second I must go to Ikea or Home Depot or somewhere and buy more shelves. I also got it in my curious brain that it would be great to go on and research my family tree. Plus, because I'm weird I have a bunch of financial statements to transfer into Quickbooks. This reminds me that it's tax season. That means I have to do my brother's taxes, my taxes, and I just remembered I haven't filed my mom's state taxes.
Ah, and then there is the curse. Last year we took San Antonio's baby away and turned him on his head for nine days (the saint, not the baby). Their was a prayer and a candle involved and... whatever.  Because that didn't work (for any of us, cuz it's a family curse), this year we are turning to our friends from the East and lighting these red, heart-shaped candles. I was told to point them to the North and light them. They are working in an odd way. It's kind of frustrating actually. I'm starting to wonder if the top is supposed to be to the North or the poiny bottom. Either way, they are about to burn out and I will have to try to some sort of African dance next.
I'm not saying that I want to run away from my problems. NO! What kind of person just drops everything and runs away? Like, not literally, but gets in their car and drives off. I don't know anyone who would do that.
*crickets chirping*
Alls I'm saying is that I'd like to engage each of these guards on a one-on-one sort of deal, not have them chase me around like I'm some sort of criminal who belongs to a secret organization.
Hmmm... I may have to stop playing this game.
PS - I just added one more thing to the list: my iPods are not organized the way that I want them to be and there is cover art missing :-(

Monday, February 7, 2011

Places Please

Holy sh*t it's been a while since I blogged. Not that you are all missing out on anything fantastic, but still.
Btw, for all of you that are still wondering when that unfinished blog will see the light of day... it's a tricky one that one. We'll see.
So we left off on me being quite the optimist which is unlike me. Actually that's not true, I am optimistic about the fact that I'm right. So when I point to two people and say, "That's not gonna last" it's just true.
So far the transition from my mom's house to my new apartment has been smooth. By the time I move all of my stuff out of her house it will be time to put it all back in a box. I rented a very nice studio with room enough for one. Because I am one. An army of one :p
There was a small problem with getting the DVDs all in one spot (that didn't work) but I've got them organized and that's what counts. On the bad side, it may be impossible for me to buy any more movies unless I want to build a fort in my living room. The situation with the books is becoming a headache. I don't think there will be enough room for them, I may have to build myself a library or start bringing boxes into my office.
Random co-worker: "Why is there a copy of The Shining in here?"
Me: "Because all work and no play makes Susana a dull girl"
I almost used the shelves in my closet but there isn't enough room :( It's only a matter of time before I bump into something and break a toe. It's a work in process this apartment thing, but it's nice and comfy. Eventually there will also be food in it. Beware that if you plan on visiting you must call first because I'm never home and you must bring your own food. And some for me.
Work has been interesting. That's all I'm gonna say :)
As for school, this is my last semester before I get my certificate. I'm taking two classes and building my portfolio. The hard part has been adjusting my schedule. I'm one of those people that has to take a step back and put everything in order. That's why I haven't blogged. It's the job, and the move, and school, and the driving to California, and the other stuff that is taking time out of my life and getting me nowhere (ignore that last part, I'm just releasing a bit of tension).
BUT it looks like I've got it down. Unfortunately one of my New Year's resolutions will have to suffer for this hectic schedule. Yeah, it would be easy for me to scratch off the "Reverse the Curse" one but alas it is volunteer work that will suffer. I can't do it. Not the way I wanted to, which would've been a continuous thing every week. Not that they called me back anyway. I'm just saying if a person is willing to do something for free, you could call them back.
hmmm... yes, you can read that either way.
So that leaves us with four resolutions, three of which I have kept up in the six weeks of 2011. We all know the fourth one. It's not my fault! I haven't been walking with my eyes to the ground, I make a daily attempt to be sociable (with my co-workers) and I look both ways before driving out of the parking garage. OH! and the other day I took the light-rail and my iPod's battery died so I was totally available for conversation.
Wow, it feels like these walls are just falling down. Like dominoes lol
So here's a preview of what you'll read next time...
Work, school, the Oscars, and just to make it interesting I'm going to attempt to break out of a tank of water while wearing handcuffs in less than thirty seconds!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movie Review - The Fighter

Only one more film to go! Today I watched "The Fighter" which is barely playing in theaters anymore. It has been recommended to me by every one of my co-workers but I honestly do not like Mark Wahlberg so I've stayed away. But now that the Oscars have nominated it then I must. And I did.
Brief breakdown in case there's someone out there who still hasn't seen it: Mark Wahlberg is Micky Ward a boxer who has been trained by his older brother Dicky (Christian Bale) and has been managed by his mother (Melissa Leo) all his life. Dicky was a good boxer too (his claim to fame is a title fight with Sugar Ray Leonard) but now he's a crack addict and HBO is doing a documentary about him. That's where the movie starts, and then Micky is sold out by his family to fight with a much heavier boxer in order to get paid.
It's all a big family drama concealed inside a good boxing film. But this doesn't quite come close to "Rocky". The difference is that although Micky is the main character, the person who really catches our attention is Dicky. It's hard not to notice him since he's constantly trying to nab the spotlight, in one scene Micky is taking press fotos with his opponent and Dicky can be seen just inside the picture. His sisters love him, his mother loves him, his little boy loves him, and his kid brother idolizes him. Don't you just want this guy to get off drugs?
In "Rocky" Rocky has one dream: to be a somebody. Cuz he's a bum. Micky tries to convince us he's a bum but he's not really. He has a life that many people have and they don't get their dreams either (plus, his dream is not his but it's intertwined with his family's dreams now that Dicky is out). If not for Bale (and the rest of the supporting cast) I don't think this film would've made it this far. Bale is an incredible actor who can transform himself and get into the skin of his characters. Yesterday he was Batman, today he's crack addict Dicky, tomorrow he's back in the bat suit. Dicky is skin and bones with thinning hair and a constant need to move around, whether it's from being a boxer or from being on crack or both I have no idea. Wahlberg unfortunately is the weak link, walking and talking slow. How can you help yourself when Bale is right there acting his ass off? Wahlberg's always been an okay actor (he was nominated as a supporting actor for "The Departed) and he's a believable boxer but you always know that you're watching Mark Wahlberg. The same thing happens when you watch Will Smith or Tom Cruise, you always know it's them.
Sidenote: Will Smith played Muhammad Ali in the film "Ali" but it was his supporting actor, Jamie Foxx, who won the Oscar. Same thing with "The Fighter", although Smith gets kudos for attempting to play such a larger-than-life character.
Also in the supporting roles (and stealing their own scenes) are Leo and Amy Adams. Leo plays a mother who somehow manages to control the nine or so "children" she has and a couple of men. With a constant cigarrette between her fingers and killer heels on her feet, she keeps her husband in line and manages her son's boxing career. She's not quite the manipulative bitch I thought she'd be, she's just a mom watching out for her kids the only way that she knows how and the only way that it's ever worked for her. Enter Amy Adams who (mothers beware) whispers sweet thoughts into Micky's ears sprinkled with advice (mainly "get away from your family"). Adams is another actress who has managed to fight her way into heavy-weight status. She now has her third Oscar nomination in less than a decade. That's pretty frickin awesome! AND she is going to play Janis Joplin in a new movie :)
It's possible that the actresses with end up cancelling each other out come Oscar night but with a Golden Globe already, I think Melissa Leo has an edge.
As for Christian Bale... it's his to lose.