Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's In The Cards

New Year! Wooooohooooo!

Not that 2011 was horrible but I'm ready for the new year. Why? Well because I'm all about starting things fresh and let's just say that I'm done with 2011. I got over the heartbreak (thank you Adele!), I got my ducks lined up at work, and I bought a new house.
It's like I'm standing at the starting line. On your marks, get set...
Yell "Go" already. Fire the gun.

Now I know that there are these rumors that 2012 will be a short-lived year for the entire human population. But seeing as though the end of the world has been predicted at least half a dozen times in just my lifetime, I'm going to be positive and just say that "que sera, sera."

On that same note, however, it's important to go forth with at least some clue as to where you're going.

Sidenote: Do you see how I've grown? The old me would've just gotten in the car and started driving. Good times :-)

So for this blog I've decided that instead of writing down the usual resolutions that I'd look to the cards to get a glimpse not of the future, but of what fate might have in store for me.

Here we go:

So let me start that I got mostly wands and pentacles which happens to me every time I've had a reading. Wands represent passion and pentacles represent health and money (yay). And also the card that I always, always get is a Queen. This time there are three.

First Card (General environment) - Queen of Swords upside down. This means that right now I'm having some communication issues. No kidding. Okay, let's see: I can't get my ideas down on paper, I get tongue-tied whenever I come across a guy I like, and, well, I let my hot temper get in the way of some very important things I wanted to say to certain people.
Yes, I'll agree this is true.

Second Card (Influences and Obstacles) - And we have another Queen. This time the Queen of Wands. So we can say that I am my own obstacle and influence. I totally have to get my shit together.
Small recap: this card represents having charisma and drawing people in, passion. Because she is positioned next to my other Queen, it means that these qualities are tyring to get to me.

**sigh** I really have to get my act together.

Third Card (Goal or Destiny) - Ten of Pentacles upside down. I am going to lose all of my money. Well, that's the worst-case scenario. It could mean an inheritance that I thought existed is really not there or that I will be involved in arguments over money. It also means that I should stay out of the casino.

Fourth Card (Distant Past) - This card is what has influenced me and guess what it is about: money. The Page of Pentacles means messages about money.

Okay, let's put these two cards into perspective for a second. I've been influenced by a good message about money (the car, the house, the spending). Yet, my destiny warns that hard times are ahead.

Fifth Card (Recent Past) - Hey look, money. Five of Pentacles upside down. This card actually is not all that great when it's right-side up, except that there is hope. So it seems that my recent past contains no spirituality and/or friendship. Just loss.

Hmmm... I have to mildly disagree. But let's continue.

Sixth Card (Future Influence) - Remember, the charismatic Queen is my immediate influence. This card is my future influence. Nine of Wands upside down. Oh boy, it means that all of the energy I'm putting into a final battle will be fruitless. I will lose.

And now for card seven (my present position) - Death. I'm sure everyone knows that this card doesn't always represent death but rather change or transformation. Now, it's really curious that this is the card I got as my present position. Because it is also associate with my sign, Scorpio. It's no secret that I've changed a lot this year. Physically and mentally I'm a different person than last January.
Why not? Getting your heart ripped to pieces makes you humbler, more aware, and eventually stronger. And subsequent rejection just adds to the muscle power (totally going to rise out of this one and I will end you family curse).
Plus, I have a new job that I'm very comfortable with. I mean, I haven't gotten the urge to leave yet :-)
Then there's the little things like buying my house, making a home and putting down roots for the first time in my life. I even had a puppy for two days which I took care of as if it were a newborn child.
And speaking of newborns, my nephew will be born in just a few days.
Yes, transformations are definitely happening.

Eighth Card - (Environmental Factors) Or rather how I influence you and how you influence me. Eight of Wands. This card represents energy and how to use it without wasting nothing. Things will get done quickly and with energy to spare.
So the next time you're in line at Starbucks for ten minutes do us all a favor and decide what you want BEFORE you reach the counter. Thanks.

Ninth Card - (Inner Emotions) Another Queen, of Pentacles this time. Meaning that my inner desires are to be successful. Successful in life, in exercise, in everything.

Wow, this one was no surprise. But let's remember that my desire for success can backfire if I don't think before I act.

Okay, now the final card - This is the final result once all of the other nine cards are taken into consideration and if nothing deviates from the plan. The Page of Wands and I'm glad to say that it's right-side up. This card means that I will be getting a message about a trip, my career, or something relating to passion (??) or spirituality.
So once I'm done with my inner struggle and I lose all of my money, I'm getting a message. That's actually really exciting when you think about it.

Alright, this is what's in the cards for me for the coming year (or maybe the coming months). Stay tuned and we'll see what happens.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Meaning of Life

It was a few weeks ago, while I was at the Taylor Swift concert waiting for her to take the stage, that the simplest answer to the most difficult question popped into my head. We were watching the second of Miss Swift's opening acts and just before the last song the lead singer (and I'm sorry I can't remember who they were) said, " has no meaning unless you have someone to share it with."
Well, you bet your ass that sparked a fire in me. Unfortunately, I could do nothing but simmer. Who did this guy think he was? How dare he tell me that my life had no meaning! I would've liked to go up to him and strangle him Homer Simpson-style.
Now, of course, you're thinking that I'm overreacting. This statement has been said a million times by a million people. Countless songs, films, books, and poems have been written about this. What made me so angry at that particular moment?
Maybe it was just the perfect time. Let me set the story up for you, let's pull back a bit. At that moment, I was in the middle of purchasing my first home. At that moment, my job was (and still is) in a very stable place. At that moment, my family was healthy and happy.
At that moment, I was watching the phone waiting for a phone call--text message, Facebook request, smoke signal--that wouldn't come.


Is my life really meaningless because there is a realistic chance that I'll never find The One?


Hell no. I've worked too damn hard. The thousands of hours studying for school and working; the money saved for my house and good life I've provided for myself; the concentration and commitment to be as good as I can be at what I set out to do.
Now THAT'S the meaning of life: To do your absolute best with the tools you've been given.
I was given an analytical mind and determination. I also inherited a great deal of pride, straight down from my grandparents and probably their grandparents. That's not always a bad virtue.
You're probably thinking that if I applied myself just as hard to being social then I'd be all set.
Well, yes, and no. It's not like I haven't tried. I'm fully aware that no matter how much I fill the rooms up of my house with my stuff, there will come a point (on a dark and stormy night) when it will feel so empty and quiet that screaming will be my only option to prove that there is life.
It's just that I don't understand. Grades are easy: you do the work, you get an A. Work is easy: you show up, don't screw anything up, and tomorrow you get to come back. But people? There's no analytical formula to people. As much as Cosmo tries to break down all of the rules, the fact is that there are no rules.

Sidenote: Actually, I've followed the rules and that didn't work (see above).

So what do I have? What will have been the meaning of my life if I died tomorrow? All of the tangible things that I've worked so hard to acquire will be gone and the future that parents pass on to their children will not be passed on by me. Will it be counted as less successful because I didn't create a family?
Yeah, right. If I mention Steve Jobs you will think "Apple" (don't foget Pixar!), not "father and husband."

You want me to sort through pages of numbers and find out why the damn thing doesn't balance then I'm your girl. You want me to create a memorable impression on someone by just "being myself" then I'll give it a shot, but I can't promise any results.

Because the best with what I have is all I can do. That's all anybody can do.